finally ... an easier way to transfer


The current community college transfer process looks a little something like this:

Wasted Time

You end up playing scavenger hunt as you sift through many websites looking for the classes that you need to take. Who knew finding the right transfer courses could take so much time!


A couple tabs for the community college site and a couple for the university. Which one was the one with the degree requirements again? By the time you have everything you need, your screen is overflowing with web pages and you have a hard time finding the right information.

Less Productive Appointments

Counselors are great! We love them! But wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to go to them just to understand the basics of transferring? Less appointments means more free time for you.

Lost Credits

A semester worth of hard work, gone. It's the main reason why we started this company. Too many community college students lose credits when they transfer. We're here to change that.

Wasted Money

Semester is over. Classes are done. Time to submit that transcript. You don't want to find out that some credits didn't transfer over and you wasted your money.


Don't let the current transfer process deter you from transferring to the school you want to go to.

The Clearmaze solution, a 3-Step Process:

1. Choose your community college

2. Choose your university

3. Choose your major

and with a click of a button, you have everything you need! Nothing less ... nothing more

a solution for students, by students

so ... what's stopping you from achieving your dreams?