The Clearmaze Story

It all began when some college credits didn't transfer. It's the grim fate Jamal faced when he wanted to transfer out of community college. Instead of storming all the way to the counselor's office demanding a reason, he took a different approach and decided to do something about it.

Today's community college transfer process can get complicated. Between juggling a part-time job and studying for exams, students find it hard to make time to properly understand their transfer options.

And in a world where we can take a picture, throw a dog filter on it, and send it to the other side of the world in a few seconds, why is it that when you need to know if English 101 transfers over, you have to schedule a counselor appointment? That's what we were thinking when we started Clearmaze Technologies.

Together, the four of us are building a transfer tool that will make sure you (yes you) will never have to lose another college credit again! So thanks for stopping by our about page (really, you didn't have to) and make sure to check out those awesome headshots below.

The Team

Jamal Syed

CMO & Co-founder

Nadim Kerdjoudj

COO & Co-founder

Mustafa Hoda

CEO & Co-founder

Sri Vadrevu

CTO & Co-founder