increase the number of prospective students by building interactive transfer guides

There's a real "transfer maze" out there ...

information is scattered throughout multiple PDFs, students are confused and counselors are burdened with students lining up to answer simple questions.

of credits were lost on average from students who transferred during 2004-2009 1

is the average counselor to student ratio in secondary education 2

is the amount of time it takes for 42% of students that want to transfer to complete a bachelor's degree starting at a community college 3

... and we're here to clear it with 3 clicks.

  1. Choose your community college
  2. Choose your university
  3. Choose your major

using our algorithms designed to harness essential transfer data, we provide students and counselors just the information they need in a matter of seconds.

College of Dupage University of Illinois at Chicago Credit Hours
MATH 1221 MATH 180 4
Calculus I Calculus I 4
MATH 1222 MATH 181 4
Calculus II Calculus II 4
MATH 2101 MATH 210 3
Calculus III Calculus III 4

but why should I make interactive transfer guides?

Analytics Dashboard to help you make well-informed decisions

With prospective community college students using our platform to plan their college transition, our tool harnesses that generated data to provide analytics and help your administration make well-informed decisions.


Get Detailed Information on Students

Get down to the nitty-gritty. View information on the student and see, in real-time, which schools they express interest in by using our tranfer guides.

First Name Last Name Age High School High School Graduation Year GPA
Jessica Rovelo 19 Oswego East High School 2018 3.49

Schools and Majors Researched

Community College University Major Date Checked
College of Dupage University of Illinois at Chicago Accounting 03/08/2018
Waubonsee Community College Northern Illinois University Accounting 12/11/2017
First Name Last Name Community College Looked at your school? Conversion Rating
Jessica Rovelo College of Dupage Yes ★★★★★
Sam Smith Moraine Valley Community College Yes ★★★★
Alexandria Kennedy College of Dupage Yes ★★★
Jessica Smith College of Dupage Yes ★★

Reach out to Potential Students

Get an exact list of students using the Clearmaze Platform and reach out to them to recruit them into your pipeline.


Unparalleled Tech Infrastructure

Crazy fast!

Our platform is hosted on the cloud ― so guaranteed uptime and speed is part of the package.

Robust back end

We only use the best to make sure you get the best. We proudly use Amazon Web Services to power our features and ensure a reliable backbone for our entire ecosystem.

The latest and greatest

Out with old ... in with the new. Latest web technologies and frameworks ensure your institution is being provided the best technology that your community deserves.

Feed more students into your pipeline

The more students in your funnel, the more can trickle down and eventually become your students.

Increase efficiencies

You and your staff spend countless hours reflecting constantly changing articulation changes throughout the institution's website and PDFs. Let our dynamic transfer guides handle that heavy-lifting for you and make more time for important tasks.

Engage in more productive meetings

Often times, counselor appointments are capped at 15 minutes. That's not enough time to plan a college career. Make sure your students come prepared to ask smart questions and make more room for other important topics such as financial aid and career outlook.

Recruit students organically

Students want an easy way to research how their courses will transfer. Why not give them an amazing tool they like and harness that data to bring them into your recruitment funnel? Not only are you providing students a clear path on how to transfer, but you're making use of that data ... organically.

sound interesting? Let's work together to build cool transfer guides and make data-driven decisions.